The Writers

  • Richard Amofa

    Off The Post News Co Founder. @_RichardAmofa / @OffThePostNews
  • Matthew Grifferty

    Matthew Grifferty is a football fanatic from Reading, Berkshire. Growing up as a Liverpool fan, his favourite game is 'that' 2005 final. Having held a hometown Royals season ticket for several years he endured the Royals promotion, taking them to the heights of the Premier League, and the lows of relegation. Since studying Maths at the University of Southampton, Matthew's passion for the game has developed a statistical side.
  • Patrick Ribeiro

    Sports journalist and Masters student at the University of Bedfordshire.
  • Pete Sharland

    The Editor at OTPN Pete started writing during his first year at the University of Southampton where he "studies" History. After a while he started expanding his writing platforms and then decided to collaborate with Richard on his already existing project. Pete is a Chelsea fan and a member at Stamford Bridge, he's also got a real soft spot for Rennes fan in France. He probably plays Football Manager more than is good for him and he's still refusing to upgrade from his PS2. Away from football he watches a surprising amount of cricket and loves an old British comedy. You can find him at other sites such as Squawka, Back Page Football, EPL Index and he's an intern with
  • Jasper Dunning

    Having recently graduated from the University of Southampton, Jasper now works in football analysis for Football Radar, a rapidly growing statistical modelling company based in London. He has an unhealthy obsession with Manchester United and the Premier League, but keenly follows much European football, particularly from La Liga and the Bundesliga. Join in the debate on Twitter here: @Jasper_Dunning.
  • Adam Jones

    Originally from near High Wycombe in Bucks, Adam has just finished second year studying English and History at the University of Southampton . He has been an avid supporter of Liverpool since a young age whilst also always checking the results of his local teams; Watford and Wycombe Wanderers. Adam has been playing and following football since before he could walk and transferred his passion into writing during sixth form. Adam also follows tennis closely and has covered aspects of tennis journalism in the past for previous sites. To Adam, there is nothing better than a Wednesday night Champions League tie, despite remaining disappointingly unbiased for the last four seasons. James Beattie once asked him for a cheesy chip. @adamjones_28
  • James Shaw

    To say that he lives and breathes for football is an understatement. he was kicking the ball from the age of 2, watching it on tv from the age of 3 and going to matches from the age of 4. His dad being a Manc he is a massive Manchester City fan and he used to go nearly every weekend being formerly a season ticket holder. His mum being French and from the Alps he is also a massive Lyon fan. However he loves all sorts of football from the lower leagues to the top leagues. His love of football is what makes him write about it.
  • Harry Robinson

    15. Living in London. First began covering youth football in 2014, became a passion in the busy summer of 2015 with six tournaments. Manchester United Editor/Fan for VAVEL UK. @HarryRobinson64 on Twitter. Host the Manchester United Weekly Podcast. U6 coach at AFST Southgate.
  • Troy Mclaughlin

    Loud and avid football fanatic, played football at a lot of levels from academy down to school.
  • Adam Stewart

    Adam is currently a student studying physics at Imperial College London. He is an avid Chelsea fan and passionate about football. He enjoys debating about football and felt that his numerous discussions about football with his dad have given him an insight into how the beautiful game was played in the past and how it compares to football nowadays. He mainly follows the Premier League but also has some knowledge of the lower leagues in England. In his spare time he listens to music, goes to concerts, reads books and watches TV.
  • Pedro Cordero Álvarez

    Freelance marketer and football lover with a passion for writing. Local from the beautiful city of Madrid. After finishing university in England, Pedro set up his freelance business. Real Madrid is his religion and his daily bread. Besides football, he enjoys fitness, travel and nutrition. He believes the three best inventions of manking to be room service, air-con and the bikini.
  • Jackson Cole

    Twitter: @jacksondhcole1 History Student at the University of Southampton and Liverpool fan but this does not cloud my judgements!
  • Dominic Alderton

    A passionate Reading FC fan, Dominic Alderton is a International Marketing student at University of Southampton hoping to go into Sports Marketing. Knowledgeable about all things football and has played since he was a small boy. An ex Reading season ticket holder, he goes to as many Reading games as possible and this year hopes to take in some La Liga games, during a year abroad in Barcelona. Challenge him on anything football related on twitter… @DomAlderton
  • David Brown

    David Brown is a student of Southampton University, studying French and Spanish, with a desire to pursue a career in Sports Journalism. David is a passionate Chelsea fan, who has been going to at least 15 games a season for the last 10 years, and will be keen to tell you that he was there before the Abramovich revolution began. David also plays a lot of football himself, having played at semi-professional level for his home team Aylesbury FC, before then representing the Southampton University football team. Often heard in deep discussion about the latest football gossip David always has the beautiful game on his mind, taking a particular interest in the growth of the French leagues alongside the latest topics of discussion in the English Premier League. @DaveBrown93
  • Nelson Herbert

    Some say he was born of Zeus himself, others say he wasn't. Nelson was born and raised on the mean streets of Hackney. Never one to follow the crowd, he wanted to play in goal. This unorthodoxy comes across in his writings. A man who insists that the greatest player ever is Yev Lashin.
  • Mathieu Wood

    Sports Science Student at Avignon University in France. Watford FC season ticket holder. Love the passion a football match can evoke especially a good old mid-week Champions League clash.
  • Matt Woosnam

    Matt is a freelance journalist with experience of writing about football, and Palace in particular for several years, while he has also broken exclusive stories. He takes an interest in the club on and off the pitch at all levels and enjoys covering the youth teams in great detail, attending matches at U18 and U21 level on a regular basis, but also has plenty to offer when discussing the first team.
  • Purav Patel

    Purav is a passionate Arsenal supporter, Watford season ticket holder and an all-round football enthusiast from north-west London. Currently studying History at the University of Southampton, Purav hopes to one day get into the field of journalism – with his interests lying in both politics and sports. An avid watcher of the English Premier League and Championship, Purav also pays close attention to the leagues of Spain and Italy, and recently has begun to follow the German Bundesliga.
  • Matthew Sharkey

    Matthew Sharkey is an absolute football fanatic and his love for the game stretches so far that he even possesses a season ticket at his beloved West Ham United. He has been playing football ever since he was young and has managed to reach high levels in the game, playing for his home academy Watford. The eagerness he has for the beautiful game makes him a great character to have a full on football conversation with, whether you’re talking about Messi vs Ronaldo or Adebola vs Iwelumo. Asides watching and playing football, Matthew currently has a football radio show and is looking to advance on from his level 1 coaching badges. The course he studies (Philosophy and History) gives him a lot of time to talk about football, the only problem is once you do start chatting with him it’s hard to get him to stop!
  • Glenn Tosek

    A football player and follower since the age of 8, I have developed a particular interest in analysing teams as a whole as well as individual players, in terms of tactics, style, formation, strengths, weaknesses. As well as transfer gossip and the biggest stories in the Premier League, I also focus on individual matches, performances, and trying to discover where single games were won, and lost.
  • Alex Burton

    Alex is a mad sports fan, with football his chief interest. Alex's first club has been and will always be Leeds United (Marching On Together) though due to living in Ealing and attending many games he has also developed an affinity for Brentford. Alex also has family in the USA so also supports Seattle Sounders. Outside football interests include tennis, baseball, and reading. Alex is currently studying International Relations at Loughborough University.
  • Luke Pawley

    Aside from studying for A-Levels in Computing, Economics & English; Luke is a freelance football writer, who is passionate about youth football across England - with a close eye on the development of players at his boyhood club, Leicester City. He has experience doing some voluntary work for two Premier League academies in their recruitment departments. Feel free to follow him on Twitter: @lmpawley
  • Matt Lee

    My name is Matt and I'm an aspiring sports journalist. I currently provide match previews/reports/interview pieces for non-league side Chelmsford City FC's fan-site Claret Army. I've had one year experience as a published Journalist with some of my work being featured in Essex newspapers such as the Chelmsford Weekly News and Essex Chronicle.
  • Sian Jones

    The only female currently writing for OTPN! Sian is a criminology student at the University of Southampton and life-long passionate Liverpool fan. She doesn't have too much in the way of previous writing experience unless you count obsessively tweeting about football (probably more than is healthy). Her favourite football to follow besides Liverpool and the Premier League in general is any team that shows a successful 'tiki-taka' style; Spain, Barcelona and not forgetting Swansea City! You can follow her twitter @siancjones
  • Josh Emmett

    Ever since being raised in the Amazon, Josh Emmett has been a phenomenal liar. Located rather reluctantly near the charming town of Watford, Josh has concluded his second year at the University of Southampton, where he reads History. Josh has supported his beloved Arsenal ever since he could use a television remote, and has experienced the highs of watching the greatest Premier League team in the ‘Invincibles,’ and the lows of watching Arsenal celebrate fourth place in 2013. Josh has played football since he was three, which he attributes to his parents, and also enjoys the major domestic leagues of Europe, which he attributes to his brother. Aside from following football in all forms, Josh is a huge fan of rugby tennis, and enjoys the company of his PS3 as well as the finest stand-up the circuit has to offer. Years of football experience and increasing opinions on anything from a individual to the greatest clubs in the world has impelled Josh to contribute to Off The Post News, the perfect forum to discuss football in all its glorious forms. Feel free to drop by on twitter…@EmmettJosh
  • Ollie Bower

    Ollie Bower is a football enthusiast who applies his trade at the University of Southampton where he studies History and Philosophy. An avid Manchester United fan, Ollie attempts to break the mould of the stereotypical London United supporter with football knowledge that threatens to verge on excessive. Ollie is a keen follower of all things football ranging from Ryman league level to Europe's elite, briefly stopping by in Npower’s Leagues One and Two. The London-based student has written for Hampton and Richmond FC and is looking to expand his journalistic pedigree with OTPN. Ollie is a firm admirer of the Gary Neville brand of footballing insight and enjoys said brand of footballing analysis. Follow @switchestheplay on Twitter to learn more of Ollie’s footballing opinions and aspirations.
  • Lawrence Bowen

    A keen sports fan with a particular interest in football and tennis, Lawrence lives near Reading in Berkshire and has held a season ticket for Reading F.C for 7 years. He has attended the University of Southampton since September 2012 and studies English and History, which gives him plenty of time to get into a variety of footballing arguments and debates. @LawrenceBowen93
  • Joe Taylor

    Joe is keen follower of most things football related from across the globe. An avid West Ham fan since a young age, he has followed the fortunes of his team through thick and thin as a former regular attendee at Upton Park (and soon, the Olympic Stadium). Always an advocate of flair and the spectacular, his favourite teams range from German outfit Borussia Monchengladbach to a soft spot for East Stirlingshire FC in Scotland. When not obsessing over football, he is a music enthusiast and studies Politics at the University of Southampton.
  • Max Langdon

    Max is a French and Spanish student at Southampton University. Max has always been passionate about football and has had a season ticket at his beloved Wycombe Wanderers for the last 11 years. Max hopes to continue his work at Southampton and for OTPN into a career in sports journalism after his degree. Interested in both lower league and elite football, Max hopes to provide insight and analysis into some La Liga fixtures over the coming season as he takes part in a year abroad at the University of Malaga. Contact him on twitter at @max_langdon.
  • Sean O'Brien

    An absolute football freak, Sean, 19, began writing for Off The Post for the sake of his non-football followers on Twitter, who were undoubtedly becoming bored of the recurring theme of football behind every tweet. Chelsea 'till he dies, he has been lucky enough to see all four major trophies paraded around West London but tries to repress this bias with what he feels can be little success. Due to weekly accumulators and sympathies with Brentford and Watford, he has acquired a vast knowledge of the Football League as well as the top tier. As far as his personal footballing career goes, despite interest from Watford at a young age he remained loyal to his Sunday League club LNER F.C from the ages of four to sixteen, and now plays left-wing for the mighty Chamberlain F.C. Expect controversy.
  • Dan Long

    22-year-old Roehampton University Journalism graduate Dan Long, is a lifelong Brentford fan and season ticket holder. Since graduating, he has acquired freelance posts at the Non League Paper and, more recently, Brentford U18s.
  • Kai Barrett

    West Ham United fan and owner of the website whufcyouth.
  • Max Lee

    Currently in my second year studying Media at the University of Portsmouth, love writing about and watching Football. Born in Manchester and followed Manchester United since day 1 but since moving down south have had a season ticket at local club MK Dons.
  • Red O'Donoghue

    20 year old French and Spanish student. Mad Spurs and Celtic fan who keeps an eye out for his local side, Watford. Long term lover of the Bundesliga, Marco Reus and Robbie Keane, begrudging admirer of Luka Modric.
  • Daniel Bailey

    Currently playing for Marlow in The Southern League, Dan is perfectly placed to comment on the more important topics affecting non league football and also the professional game too. A member of QPR's under 18s from 2008-2010, he has been lucky enough to play with some top players and coaches, whilst also being at the heart of the QPR side show during their more "turbulent" years. He currently works as an account manager for research firm YouGov in London, and can be found in the gym, on a train, or on Twitter, where you can follow him @danielbailey07
  • Lee Clark

    Growing up into a football orientated family, it was inevitable that Lee would become engrossed in the 'beautiful game'.Having represented Middlesex U16's, U18's,hovered around pro clubs growing up & followed Arsenal from day one, Lee understands football and all of its aspects. Since studying psychology at university, Lee has been analysing performances of teams and individuals with an eye on the 'psychological' aspect of these teams and players.
  • Sam Smith

    Geology student at the University of Manchester. Life long passionate Chelsea fan. Avid follower of German football and also a keen watcher of the Championship.
  • Ramon Isaac

    Ramon is an undergraduate at the University of Reading studying Politics and International Relations. Raised in West London it was only natural that he be a Chelsea fan. His love for football and writing combine on his own blog about the Blues. When not talking about Chelsea you can usually find him watching or ranting about Serie A and how it is the "best league" in the world. You can follow him on twitter @mowingmeadows
  • Ed Metzger

    Ed Metzger is a 19 year old, Chelsea lover and he is looking for that special someone to make his life complete by reading his articles. He preferable wants someone with a good sense of humour, who loves animals, looks like a runway model and also someone who will be upfront and honest when commenting as he will do the same in his articles, which will only make your relationship stronger. It is common knowledge that he is a gentleman and hopeless romantic...yes they do exist! There is nothing he loves more than long walks on the beach followed by a candle light dinner under the stars, where he can think about what he is going to write next. So if you feel you are the person for him please read his articles
  • Jack Colman

    My name is Jack, I am 19 years old and I currently study English and Hispanic Studies at the University of Nottingham. I have been a Chelsea fan since 1998 and have held a season ticket since 2011. I hope you enjoy my articles!
  • Emi Mocuta

    Even though I loved football since I was a small boy, it was at the age of 10 I started following the sport more completely and that is when my support for Chelsea FC started. Since I have tried to understand more about the complexity and depth of the game and gain a more comprehensive understanding of all the sides of the game.
  • Martin Li

    Football writer for many reputable sites, including Bleacher Report, and blog owner of The Chelsea Chronicle, with over four years of sports-writing experience.


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