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An absolute football freak, Sean, 19, began writing for Off The Post for the sake of his non-football followers on Twitter, who were undoubtedly becoming bored of the recurring theme of football behind every tweet. Chelsea 'till he dies, he has been lucky enough to see all four major trophies paraded around West London but tries to repress this bias with what he feels can be little success. Due to weekly accumulators and sympathies with Brentford and Watford, he has acquired a vast knowledge of the Football League as well as the top tier. As far as his personal footballing career goes, despite interest from Watford at a young age he remained loyal to his Sunday League club LNER F.C from the ages of four to sixteen, and now plays left-wing for the mighty Chamberlain F.C. Expect controversy.

When should a young player be expected to perform to their full potential?

Raheem_Sterling_arrived_to_Man_Cty.jpg 1

Written by Simon Slatter and Sean O’Brien It’s one of the most tired clichés in football, particularly in the English game. Commentators and pundits alike often throw a blanket over young players by pointing out that ‘they’re still young’ or ‘they still have time to develop’, but is this really an appropriate defence for some of our underperforming youngsters? English ... Read More »

Diego Costa: The Pantomime Villain

Liverpool v Chelsea - Premier League

Diego Costa has taken the Premier League by storm, soaring to the top of the list of goal scorers in this current campaign and ruffling more than just a few feathers in the process. In light of his three match ban, ruling him out of what could potentially be the most important league game of the season, many have seen ... Read More »

June 26th Round Up


After a pulsating two weeks in which the World Cup has entertained more than anyone could’ve expected, we come to the final day of the Group Stage. With Belgium and Germany already securing qualification, the last two places were up for grabs and could be obtained by any of the remaining teams in each group, setting up a compelling day ... Read More »

June 14th Round Up


As the World Cup continues to get off to a breathtaking start, you would’ve been excused for thinking we were perhaps due a boring game or two on this third day of action. However what we got was intensely entertaining football from start to finish, filled with goals, controversy and, erm, dancing! Not to mention the largely anticipated introduction of ... Read More »

World Cup Preview – Group H


A group that many favorites would’ve liked to have been drawn into, Belgium and Russia appear to have this group sewn up and could both potentially go even further in this World Cup. But given the brilliant unpredictable nature of football, especially at a major tournament where an unlikely underdog always seems to rise (South Korea themselves in 2002), this ... Read More »

Arsenal: A Business or a Football Club?


As a nineteen year old, I am lucky enough to have had the privilege of watching and vaguely remembering the Arsenal side of 2003/2004. Even the title ‘invincible’ doesn’t quite capture just how gloriously faultless this side was. Under the financial pressure of new stadium plans, the invincibles were largely the product of Wenger’s dynamism in development. His irrefutable talent for ... Read More »

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