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Geology student at the University of Manchester. Life long passionate Chelsea fan. Avid follower of German football and also a keen watcher of the Championship.

The USA will win the World Cup before England


Yes I certainly do believe that the United States of America will win the football World Cup before England do so again. Football (or soccer as its know as to our transatlantic cousins) is the fastest growing sport in the USA. With millions tuning in to watch the premier league every week, football is moving up the viewing ratings and ... Read More »

Are Chelsea becoming simply a big game team?


In short Yes. It seems odd that  a side who were able to do the double over Liverpool and Manchester City (the two sides that finished above them), and claim impressive victories against Manchester United, Arsenal, Spurs and Everton can perform so abjectly , and lose to the likes of  Aston Villa, Crystal Palace and Sunderland. Put it this way there is ... Read More »

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