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20 year old French and Spanish student. Mad Spurs and Celtic fan who keeps an eye out for his local side, Watford. Long term lover of the Bundesliga, Marco Reus and Robbie Keane, begrudging admirer of Luka Modric.

The Fall of Borussia Dortmund?


Dortmund’s time is up. They’ve had their day in the sun, but the vultures are circling around their prized assets; their star player is already gone and more will surely follow as the big boys take their pick of Jürgen Klopp’s young stars. Without their talismanic midfield magician, the heart has been ripped out of this young, thrilling team, and ... Read More »

The 12th Man: Myth or Reality?


By Red O’Donoghue You might have been wondering after reading the title of this article if it was going to be a swipe at Howard Webb, or maybe Mark Clattenburg. Unfortunately, the reality of their existence/impact on games as a 12th man isn’t in any doubt, so we move on. Over the last couple of days, all of the old ... Read More »

World Cup 2014 Hopefuls


By Red O’Donoghue Whenever a World Cup year rolls round, Brazil is invariably the team on everybody’s lips, and with the Samba boys playing host two years from now, expectations will be greater than ever for the South Americans. In the eyes of many, Brazil are the overwhelming favourites – and not just because history shows us that home advantage ... Read More »

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