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Some say he was born of Zeus himself, others say he wasn't. Nelson was born and raised on the mean streets of Hackney. Never one to follow the crowd, he wanted to play in goal. This unorthodoxy comes across in his writings. A man who insists that the greatest player ever is Yev Lashin.

Fantasy Football Players to consider


It’s that time of year. The premier league is about to start again this brings with it Fantasy Football. With only 1 day left to make those last minute changes, who are you going to put in your team? How much of a risk are you willing to take? Are you going to be happy with upper mid table or ... Read More »

What bargain should your team go for this summer?


The transfer window is currently open, kind of. It will definitely be open properly on the 1st of July. Almost all player contracts run until the 30th of June. This means that out of contract of players will be available for a new club on the 1st of July. Such players are already free to agree terms with their new ... Read More »

What Arsenal should (but won’t) do against Aston Villa

Ozil Arsenal happy

First things first, who is available and who isn’t? Flamini and Chambers are both confirmed fully fit; Debuchy won’t be available until November; Walcott, Monreal and Diaby are still not ready; and Giroud is still months away from match fitness. Everyone else is available, except Sanago, who I wouldn’t suggest picking anyway. Now for the hot topic: Özil. Whilst it ... Read More »

Are any transfers really worth the money?

For many Arsenal fans, Falcao was the signing they craved

Whenever a player is subject to a multi-million pound transfer, people always ask: is he worth it? Then there will always be someone who insists that no players are worth these ridiculous sums of money. Are any players worth their transfer fees and wages? The basic premise of capitalism is you are worth the amount of money you can make ... Read More »

Technology in football!


The new football season is nearly upon us. This means it is only a matter of time until an official makes a bad decision and causes the argument about introducing technology to restart. There are those that will always insist that technology has no place in the world of football, that the controversy of a win due to a poor ... Read More »

Redemption did not come. Brazil 0 – 3 Netherlands


This is a game that people will always question the merit of. Two teams that have just suffered disappointing losses now have to play for third place. A week ago they had dreams of lifting the most prestigious cup in the biggest sport, times have changed. This time around it was the Netherlands against Brazil. The Dutch were coming from ... Read More »

Man marking and heart break. Argentina 1 – 0 Switzerland

messi messi messi

Argentina started the match distinct favourites. They may have been unconvincing for large parts of the group campaign, but they found a way to get results. The Swiss had leaked 5 goals against France and Messi’s Argentina had an attack that was surely at least as good.   Switzerland were organised. There are men who place public transport vehicles in ... Read More »

Penalty shoot outs are imminent.


The knock out stage is upon us. This means that it is only a matter of time before the first penalty shoot out. Like them or not, they are coming. So let’s get some facts straight about them. Are England really that bad? Are Germany really that good? Is it true that dark haired players are worse? Is there an ... Read More »

19th of June Round Up

giant ball

Columbia 2 – 1 Ivory Coast   Controversy occurred before kick off as the Ivory Coast left their Captain, top goal scorer and talisman on the bench. With no news of injury, young Wilfred Bony was selected over Drogba on merit. It may have been because he can track back or because his pace posed more of a threat to ... Read More »

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